How to drastically increase your Facebook followers

Facebook has gotten a lot of negative rep lately, but in my experience it continues to be one of the most relevant and effective methods of driving new traffic to your online stores. In order to do so, you'll have to be well liked. Here is what worked for me:

  • Utilize your database contacts to create lookalike audiences.
  • Add a social media invite to your lead gen and post purchase workflows.
  • Use facebook comments plug in on your blog.
  • Boost your posts to your followers first - they are more likely to like them and comment, which will increase your ad relevance.
  • Boost the same (now well liked and relevant) posts to a new audience, based on their interests. These relevant visitors are more likely to like your page, so they can keep in touch.
  • Run paid ads consistently, but change up the audience mix once the ad performance starts to fluctuate.
  • Run a "like page" ads once a quarter.

Need some help setting up these steps for your business? We are happy to help. Let's get together for a free consultation to see if Fierce Digital can be of help to your business. 

Rita ShelleyComment