What is the best keyword research tool for my website?


It’s not that simple. First, let's figure out what you are trying to do.

Say you are running a B2C consumer product for sportswear site… You can find keywords through Moz, but they should probably be part of your overall SEO strategy. You should also look into Google Adwords keywords research tool and look up some interest groups on Facebook to be most effective. Do your industry research, analyze the competitors and figure out what part of the market you want to target first. Then you can set up a keyword and digital ad strategy around it. If your business is brand new, you can get up to 100 in credits for AdWords for 25.00 spend, which will help you with traffic. I always recommend running keyword strategy and advertising at the same time for best results.

But say you are running a B2B business in digital marketing - you may want to focus on blog topic creation so, your keywords would be the broader, long-tailed keywords. Here I would recommend Hubspot’s marketing platform and keyword research tool (the system is quite expensive, but it’s a great overall marketing solution for your business). Additionally, I’d look into LinkedIn inbox marketing and their new videos functionality.

If you want to talk more about your overall goals and more specific advise, I offer free consultations through my business Home and I’d love to help you dive into this topic. LMK if I can be of more help.

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