Monthly email management services

Monthly email management services


The first email message was sent in 1971, from Ray Tomlinson to himself, and despite the hype of it becoming obsolete, email is still going strong. In fact, it is the most important tool in your digital arsenal.  According to Digital Marketer, 72% of consumers prefer to receive communication by email, and of those 44% made a purchase within the first year of email interactions with the company. Companies who use email effectively experience a 20% increase in revenue over those who don't. 

We will help you:

1. Evaluate and Improve your transactional emails

2. Find lead generation opportunities

3. Streamline your style, voice and message

4. Create an email communications plan that works

5. Create your promotional emails

6. Be helpful, but not annoying in our communication with your leads and customers. 

7. Improve customer feedback process

8. Create more brand ambassadors through email communication

9. Run A/B testing for best results

10. Provide you with monthly reports and weekly consultations




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